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    Netizens Support Dog That Was Set on Fire

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Support is flooding in for a dog that was recently set on fire.

    Support is flooding in for a dog that was recently set on fire. The incident occurred on March 20th in Arcadia, Florida. The circumstances are hazy on exactly what happened, but the dog, now named Hope, was in her owner’s backyard when she was witnessed on fire by a neighbor.

    Reportedly, Hope was rolling around on the ground in an effort to put out the flames and her owner, Larry Wallace was seen bringing water to extinguish the fire. Investigators believe the dog was locked in a shed that strongly smelled of gasoline. Rescuers stated she was covered in kerosene and a neighbor claimed he saw Wallace toss a cigarette on the dog.

    No charges have been filed but an investigation is ongoing, including if the fire was intentionally set. Hope was quickly transferred to Tampa where she has been undergoing extensive treatment for her injuries.

    Despite the severe burns, her eyes are healing and she’s moving around, barking and eating. Cookies seem to be her favorite treat.

    Doctors gave her an antiseptic wash to remove dead skin and she was recently taken off all IV fluids. To sum it up, she’s recovering beautifully.

    Since the story made the rounds online, Netizens are stepping up to donate funds to the Hardee Animal Rescue Team for her care and medical treatment.