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    Archeological sites at danger after war in Syria


    by PressTV

    Standing at the crossroads of numerous cultures and religions, Syria is home to several civilizations with nearly 10,000 historical sites scattered all over the country.
    As conflict continues to rage across Syria, many archaeological sites, including some UNESCO world heritage, have suffered severe damages. In a country which boasts of a history stretching back to the great empires of the Middle East, the task of safeguarding that heritage from modern conflicts is a daunting responsibility. The issue of rehabilitating sites under the state’s control seems immature, but national duty makes it a must to accelerate the process. Latest reports indicate a growing black market in the region where antiquities are being traded for weapons by the militants. Director of the Louvre Museum Andre Barrow once said: “each person has two homelands: his country and Syria”... but will the absurdity of war leave Syria as a cradle of civilizations where each person in the world could find part of their past in it?