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    UN expresses concern over the unrest in Ukraine


    by PressTV

    In at least three Ukrainian cities, opposition has flared up against the new government, which is backed by the United States and the European Union. US Secretary of State John Kerry blames Russia for the rising conflict.
    While US officials blame the fighting on Russia, others say the people of Ukraine are upset with the new government and its harsh austerity measures. Sharon Eolis, an activist with the International Action Center, says that the new, US backed regime in Ukraine is highly unpopular, as economic conditions become unbearable in that country. In various regions such as Lugansk and Kharkiv, Pro-Russia activists have seized government buildings. In Donetsk, protesters have seized a government building and declared independence, calling themselves the "Donetsk People's Republic." The United Nations has not made clear if it will intervene, or recognize any of the regions that are calling for independence. Sharon Eolis says these uprisings are likely to continue. The government in Kiev has announced it is planning to launch an offensive against the protesters in the Eastern parts of the country. Farhan Haq, spokesperson for the Secretary-General of the United Nations told the press Tuesday: "the Secretary-General is deeply concerned by the heightened instability in eastern Ukraine over the weekend. He urges all with responsibility and influence over the situation to defuse tensions and encourage all to express themselves peacefully to calm the situation."