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    UNASUR continues mediation in Venezuela


    by PressTV

    UNASUR continues its mediation efforts in Venezuela. Last Monday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro met in Caracas with the commission of the Union of South American Nations or UNASUR, which has come to Venezuela in order to resume efforts bring the government and the opposition to the negotiating table for a second time in the last few weeks.
    As a result of this second visit by UNASUR, both political blocs have finally expressed their willingness to hold talks and end their differences. Some in Venezuela believe that ideological differences between the two sides won't allow then to reach an agreement. Although small groups persist in violence, Maduro says he'll struggle for peace with the support of the majority of the Venezuelan people. The supporters of the opposition have clashed with security forces frequently over the past two months. The clashes have left a number of casualties. While the violence has abated, Venezuelans can only hope that the talks mediated by UNASUR will result in an agreement to calm the situation in this oil-rich South American nation.