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    Tensions high as pro-Russian protesters seize Ukrainian Government buildings in Donetsk


    by PressTV

    Barbed wire, barricades made of tires, Russian flags and about two thousand people surround the Donetsk regional administration building. The protesters reject claims that they are being paid by Russia to cause unrest across Eastern Ukraine. They say they will be ready to defend themselves if Kiev decides to take the administration building by storm.
    Some of the protesters want a referendum to decide if Donetsk can become an autonomous republic while others want the region to breakaway from Kiev and join Moscow. However, they are united in their opposition to the current Ukrainian Government. Many protesters do not recognize the new government in Kiev and claim that they will sabotage forthcoming Presidential elections. But there are people and forces in Donetsk who are in favor of the vote and promise to assist it as it will provide Ukraine with more legitimate authorities. Although this seems to be a peaceful demonstration, the atmosphere is quite hostile. It has been made clear to us that only Russian media is welcome here. Anti-Ukraine sentiments are high in this separatist demonstration in front of the blocked Donetsk regional administration building. After the overthrow of the former president Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev, pro-Russian residents in the eastern part of the country want to stage their own revolution. What the situation has in store for the eastern is anyone's guess.