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    Why Do We Send Nudes?

    Elite Daily

    by Elite Daily

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    Of all the things a person can do, sending a naked picture has got to be one of the dumbest!

    Introducing the third episode of "Generation whY!?," the newest Elite Daily Original Series. Each episode, our Elite Daily personalities will dissect many of the absurd trends and activities in which our generation indulges.

    Last week, we covered our obsession with weekend brunch, and this week we cover our insistence on continuing to send nude pictures.

    Starring: Tyler Gildin @TylerGildin, Joe Santagato @JoeSantagato, Evan Krumholz @KrumLifeDotCom, Laura Argintar @LargTwits, Veronica Grossman @VeronLeigh, Kate Wolff @TheKateWolff & Jacques Morel @JacquesMorels

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