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    Wochit Headline News

    by Wochit Headline News

    The Apple vs. Samsung patent showdown has mostly been a one-sided affair so far, as juries have regularly awarded Apple massive sums of money at Samsung’s expense. However, FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller thinks that Apple may have finally gone too far with its latest suit that claims $2.2 billion in damages against Samsung and that has the potential to permanently cripple its ability to make a profit from selling smartphones. Since jurors in the United States have been largely sympathetic to Apple’s contention that Samsung owes it royalties for alleged patent violations, it seems that Apple is now intent on seeing just how far it can go before it encounters some push back.
    iFixit are back, this time inspecting the insides of Samsung's Gear 2 smartwatch. While iFixit neglected to give the original Gear the teardown treatment, its sequel garners immediate favor by moving the camera module from the strap to the watch's main body, making band replacements trivial.A screwdriver and "a bit of light prying" were all that was needed to crack the thing open, and following the initial breach, most components were found to be easy to remove, particularly the battery. The only sticking point, really, was a fused display assembly that would require replacing in its entirety if damaged or defective. Overall, the Gear 2 scored an impressive 8 out of 10 on iFixit's repairability scale.
    Would you buy your smartphone from Comcast? That could be an option sooner than you think, as the nation's largest cable provider is apparently preparing a wireless network that would leverage more than a million deployed hotspots nationwide. According to an exclusive report from The Information,they would be able to stay connected via traditional cellular networks, thanks to a licensed spectrum deal with Verizon. This report comes as Comcast and Time Warner prepare to face lawmakers over their proposed merger.
    Professor Stuart Parkin will receive the 2014 Millennium Technology Prize. He gets the gong because of his research into data storage, making it faster and cheaper to store huge amounts on spinning disk drives. On the one hand, this was a massive contribution to cloud computing, so he deserves recognition. On the other hand, how does the Finnish taxpayer feel about co-funding a 1 million euro award?