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    How to inflate a ping- pong ball

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    Stop throwing away your ping-pong balls as soon as they get dented.  Follow the tips in this video by Suzanne, who shows you how to repair a  table tennis ball in a few seconds,  This trick, which necessitates boiling water, a container and a spoon, works every time!

    Your ball is dented and won’t bounce so you want to throw it away.  Don’t throw it away because I have the solution to help you repair it and use it again.  To do this nothing could be simpler.  You need a spoon, a container or bucket, and boiling water.  Here I have an electric kettle filled with water to be boiled.  We put the water in the container and hold the ball down at the bottom with the spoon.  The ball will return to its original shape.  First, we put some boiling water in the container.   We put the ball in the container and hold it down under water with the spoon.  In a few seconds the ball is like new.  See you soon.

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