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    Superstitious Chinese mom paralyses son

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    A five-year-old boy was furiously beaten by his mother in Northern Shaanxi, China.

    After hearing an ominous prediction from a fortune-teller, the child's mother believed her little son was cursed and would bring bad luck to her. Over couple years she beat him occasionally and only allowed him to sleep on the floor.

    During the last beating, the son fainted and was later found to be paralyzed. The boy's limbs were seriously injured and he may be disabled for the rest of his life. Also he is suffering urinary incontinence.

    The mother left the boy with his grandparents and disappeared.

    Before the child was born, the mother went to a fortune teller and was told that the kid is going to bring her bad luck. "We came to save our grandson's life" said the boy's grandfather. "She(the mother) considered abortion before the boy was born. Then she tried to sell the boy. We are always trying to stop her."

    The boy was found unconscious with multiple fractures when brought back to his grandfather's house and was then immediately sent to hospital. Doctors say he is seriously injured and will require at least two surgeries on each of his broken limbs.


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