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    Nurses have sex in front of stroke patient in San Diego

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    A couple of nurses have been accused of having sex in front of a 98-year-old stroke patient in San Diego. The two private male nurses were assigned to care for the elderly patient. They have been charged with elder neglect and a lewd act by a caregiver.

    The video was shot in March 2011. According the prosecuting attorney Paul Greenwood, the video depicts Alfredo Ruiz and Russel Torralba engaging in sex acts near the bedridden stroke patient they were caring for. Ruiz will face charges while Torralba remains at large.

    The daughter of the woman had suspected her mother wasn't being properly cared for. She had complained to the agency that provided the two male nurses, but those complaints went ignored. Frustrated, the family installed security cameras in the elderly woman's home.

    What they saw on the video shocked them. The video appears to show the male nurses engaging in sex acts in front of the stroke patient. The pair allegedly engaged in sex acts that included mutual masturbation at least five times. Prosecutors also allege Ruiz put the woman's hand on his groin.

    Ruiz, who is 42, is presently being held on a bail of $200,000. Ruiz and Torralba face four charges of felony and misdemeanor elder neglect by a caregiver and one count of a lewd act by a caregiver on a dependent adult. If convicted, they face up to 11 years in prison.


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