Gunman tries to rob Convenient Food Mart in Sandusky, Ohio #fail



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A store clerk at Convenient Food Mart in Sandusky, Ohio disarmed a would-be robber Saturday night, but not before a failed attempt to swipe the gun away from the criminal and getting pistol-whipped.

The security video showing the encounter is now making its way around the Internet. Here's how it went down.

The clerk, Marc Alvarez, was standing against the counter, talking to his female colleague who was in the back room. The masked robber walked in and put a gun to the back of the clerk's capped head. Now, Alvarez, who is in no sense a small man, started talking to the man. The video doesn't have any audio, but according to local reports, he told the robber there wasn't any money in the register.

Slowly, Alvarez turned around and faced the armed crook. Then he made a swift move over the counter to get the gun away from the robber, but he totally failed. The robber didn't shoot him, but instead kept the gun on him as he talked his way in front of the counter. The men argued for some time, then the robber smacked the clerk upside his head, which didn't seem to bother the beefy worker much.

Alvarez made a second attempt for the gun and both men are seen running out of the camera's range. Reports said he then bum rushed the robber into the beer cooler.

While this was going on, the female co-worker emerged from the back room, grabbed the phone and called the police. Moments later, the robber is seen being chased out of the store with his own gun by the now armed Alvarez.

Alvarez said he followed the robber, who tried to throw a trash can at him, out of the store. The crook ran off and no one was hurt.

Police are now searching for the suspect.


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