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    Man stabs older brother to death over video game volume

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    A 21-year-old Japanese part-time worker in Kanagawa Prefecture was arrested this past Monday on suspicion of murdering his own brother. The suspect, Takumi Uchio, was charged with stabbing his older brother in the back with a 20-centimeter-long kitchen knife after a dispute over the volume level of a video game console.

    The episode began after the elder brother became angry over the noise his sibling was making while playing with a video game console. He allegedly angrily screamed "quiet!" at his brother, angering the younger sibling. A fight broke out that ended with the elder brother dying from a stab wound to the back.

    The suspect reportedly called police to turn himself in and confessed to murdering his older brother with a kitchen knife. He told police the death was the result of a family squabble that got out of hand.


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