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    Amitabh Bachchan Was Once A Watchman At Filmistan !

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    by Bollywood Live

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    While Amitabh Bachchan has always been considered as a living legend in Bollywood, ever wondered if he could have also lived a life of a watchman through his life? Whoa...Wondering if we are referring to any of his characters from the film? No, no rather a dig through the past surprisingly reveals that Amitabh's punctuality had once put him on the seat of a watchman in real-life! Yes! Referring to his shoots in Filmistan, reports narrate that Amitabh would always arrive so much before time for his morning shoots that at times, even the gatekeepers and watchmen wouldn't be available to open the gates for him! Whoa...punctuality at its best na? Actor ko bhi watchman bana diya...but on this note, you do tell us what do you think of this watchman tale in the comments section below and for more such spicy facts about your favorite celebrities, don't forget to subscribe to Moviez adda