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    ‘Taliban still formidable in Afghan.’


    by PressTV

    Countering the Taliban attacks being perhaps the top priority of the Afghan presidential polls, an analyst believes the militant group remains a formidable force in Afghanistan.

    Rock Rozoff from Stop NATO International Network says, "in most provinces of the country [Afghanistan], Taliban remains a formidable military force."

    "What will soon be 13 full years of the US and NATO military occupation of the country has not politically or otherwise neutralized the Taliban opposition" Rozoff adds.

    At least 54 Taliban militants were killed and 16 others reportedly injured during clashes on the election day in Ghazni Province, eastern Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry said late Saturday that the militants were killed in the districts of Ajristan, Waghiz, Gilan, Deh Yak, Qarabagh, Andar and Moqor.

    Saturday marked an election that will lead to Afghanistan's first democratic transition of power from one president to another.

    The election was held amid tight security in 6000 polling stations across Afghanistan.

    The official result of the election is due to be announced by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on May 14.

    Taliban militants had pledged to disrupt the balloting, warning the people against voting.

    Violence continues to plague Afghanistan despite the presence of thousands of foreign forces, more than 12 years after the US-led invasion of the country in 2001.