Sequential Neon Blinker

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Simple relax osc sequential neon blinker. Made of only 5 each: resistors, capacitors, and neon bulbs. Powered by 90VDC

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Hi, I ran across your Nixie Stuff wordpress page and fond your dailymotion from there. First... Thanks, lots of good stuff there. I'm just starting to get into electronics and messing with Nixies. I though building a Nixie clock/display would be a fun project. I have some questions about a power supply (I need 180v for IN-12s, 450v for a Dekatron, 30V and 70V for IV-17s, 5V for an Arduino and 3V for bluetooth). I think I have a circuit to give me everything but the 30V and 70V. I know some of the voltages can kill me so I though I would ask if you wouldn't mind helping me out.

I've started a project on Fritzing ... for the schematics. My email is "justin dot zaun at gmail dot com" if you are interested in talking. Regardless, thanks for all the info you've already put up on the net!
By Justin Zaun May