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    Web News - USA: college party turns ugly

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    In this edition: online reports of a college party in the US that turned into riots; web users react as the Mozilla CEO steps down; and a German filmmaker creates an astonishing optical illusion.

    Hundreds of drunk students tearing down street signs, rocking cars and smashing windows, strong clashes with police who were forced to use tear gas to try and break up the crowd and regain control of the situation… these astonishing scenes were filmed in Isla Vista, California, on Saturday night after a huge Spring Break party degenerated into violence. Numerous accounts have appeared online over the weekend.
    In addition to the countless documents attesting to the confrontations between students and police and the damage caused to the community of Isla Vista there are also photos posted by party goers, keen to immortalize their presence at the scene… despite the rioting and destruction going on around them, some took a moment to take what they call  “riot selfies”. Shots that generally feature a backdrop of a police line or tear gas smoke.
    But many weren`t finding it quite so amusing the next day, and as we can see in these photos shared on social networks, woke up on Sunday with some painful reminders of the previous night. We see the marks left on their bodies by rubber bullets fired by police trying to restore order and the irritated and bloodshot eyes that were exposed to tear gas.
    Mozilla concluded its announcement last Thursday that Brendan Eich, named CEO of the US firm on March 24th, had resigned, with the words “We`re sorry. We must do better”. The news comes after significant criticism of his sup... Go on reading on our web site.

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