Steve Austin stuns Donald Trump

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THe reason that stunner came out all fucked up was cause Trump's people told the WWE to take it easy on him since he's a rich lil pussy so Austin was holding back on that stunner and gave a really weak one but It's really great to see. I would love for Stone Cold to Stun George W. Bush LoL I would pay millions to see that. LoL
By Rodrigo Ceballos 7 years ago
Nice move from 3:16 the texas rattle snake stone cold steve austin, donald trump should have drink the beer to respect texas tradition.
By gazoo 8 years ago
that was untotally called for.
By bigboy8707 8 years ago
the greatest
By Aaron LeGresley 8 years ago
LOL that was cool :D
By viru5 8 years ago
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