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    Superyacht Hotel Scheduled to Open in London

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    On May 9th, a brand new yacht hotel will open in London, serving as the very first in the city.

    On May 9th, a brand new super yacht hotel will open in London, serving as the very first in the city. On April 1st, Sunborn London arrived at the Thames estuary to receive an interior makeover.

    Once that’s done, it is going to be moved to the Royal Victoria Docks where the yacht will be stationed. Measuring nearly 400 feet in length. it contains over 130 bedrooms and suites which are spread out over 5 floors.

    Features include a gym, fine restaurant, an auditorium, sauna, conference rooms and private terraces. ISS Facility Services Hotel Division London is in charge on running the hotel, is in charge of running the hotel, while the East London Business Alliance is responsible for recruiting a majority of the staff members.

    The Owner of Sunborn Yacht Hotels, Hans Niemi stated ‘Our goal is to expand the Sunborn Yacht Hotel concept to well-known locations around the world. The new hotel in London, currently the world’s most important city – together with a dynamic Mediterranean location in Gibraltar, gives us a an important platform for the Sunborn brand and business concept.’

    In addition to the upcoming London location, Sunborn Yacht Hotels has also launched a Gibraltar location, and plans to launch a Barcelona hotel in the future.