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    Iranians celebrate Sizdah Bedar


    by PressTV

    Sizdah Bedar is the Iranian festival of nature and is celebrated on the 13th day of the Iranian New Year, the occasion has deep roots in the Iranian history. The festivities include picnicking outdoors, in the parks or the countryside.

    Although picnicking outdoors is the main event there are other purposes for the celebrations such as appreciating nature, cleaning the mind from evil thoughts and spending the day outdoors to stay away from the unluckiness of the number thirteen.

    Another enchanting place in Iran is Kerman. Kerman is one of Iran’s biggest provinces located in the south east, it has a very rich history.

    Places to visit in Kerman include the Jabalieh Dome, Vakil Bazaar, Ganjali Khan Bathhouse, Shazdeh Garden, the Bam citadel, and the tomb of Shah Nematollah Vali, a 15th century poet and mystic.

    Arasbaran another popular vacation resort is in Iran’s north west. The Aras Free Zone is a new economic hub on the banks of the Aras river bordering with neighboring Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nakhjavan. A new railway connecting Aras to Armenia is in the works which has boosted the interest of investors in the region.

    The streets, bazar’s and new shopping malls are flooded with eager shoppers who come for shopping. Arasbaran also has both historical monuments and beautiful nature for everyone to enjoy.