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    Shares of Hewlett-Packard Co are poised to rise by 20 percent over the next year, helped by an expected pickup in information-technology spending, according to an article in the April 7 edition of Barron's. The financial newspaper added that HP's stock has risen 46 percent in the past year, but with a valuation of 8.7 times projected earnings over the next four quarters, it still trades at a 44 percent discount to the market. Barron's pointed to a report that said if HP can gain an extra point of market share in the computer servers market, it would be worth around $400 million in revenue.
    Windows Phone 8.1 includes many, many upgrades, not the least of which is Miracast media sharing; it should be easier than ever to send content to your TV and other gadgets. However, it's now very likely that you'll have to upgrade to a newer phone to get that convenience -- Microsoft's Joe Belfiore says that most existing Windows Phone 8 devices can't handle Miracast. A recent flagship like the Lumia 1520 might cut the mustard, but the executive isn't certain that it will work.
    For all the negative news about the alleged downsides of playing video games, it’s always surprising to come across research that shows a potentially huge upside. A new study fills the bill by showing that heavy video game play is associated with greater “cortical thickness” – a neuroscience term meaning greater density in specific brain areas. Researchers studied the brains of 152 adolescents, both male and female, who averaged about 12.6 hours of video gaming a week. What they found is that the brains of adolescents that spent the most time playing video games showed greater cortical thickness in two brain areas: the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the left frontal eye field.