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    Amazing trailer of Keep The Stoke Trailer by Dylan Bunell for Sacramento Skateboarding

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    "Keep The Stoke" is a full length skateboarding film by Dylan Bunnell. SUBSCRIBE!!! Based locally out of the Sacramento/Bay area. Starring 9 underground up incoming skaters filming for the last 2 years to make this video what it is today. This all happened while not being sponsored and having to work a 9-5 job all week. But through being broke dirtbag skaters they still found some time in between to make it happen. Help keep independent skate videos alive and order a copy! #keepthestoke
    Sean Blueitt
    Tyler Elsey
    Michael Pulizzi
    James Gray
    Dylan Hilton
    Josh Krakover
    Brent Bell
    Jordan Elsey
    Jacob Walder
    And Many More....
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