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    Keeps Up with Your Turns: The Carve by Icebreaker [Review]


    by jlukasavige

    Even though the Carve by Icebreaker was designed for skiing, it is sure to be used for running on cool summer nights, bike rides, and definitely ski touring. It’s a merino wool and Lycra blend, so ultimate warmth and breathability meets movement and flexibility. While it’s boasted as a mid layer, it’s designed to be light and easy to layer. In fact, the Carve even has a slightly offset zipper, which Icebreaker did for less bulk and zipper overlap when layering.

    I originally wanted the Carve with a hood, because I thought it almost looked less like a sporty piece and more like a lifestyle piece (that would perform during activity mind you). Icebreaker brings up a good point though—be as slim and non-bulky as you can be when you’re out doing what you love—so I am happy with the Carve without hood because I’m more inclined to layer it up and use it what it’s meant for. I still wear it on dog walks and trips to the coffee shop and I can guarantee it’s going to be my go-to outer layer for the summer.

    I got a size large and it fits well. It’s not too tight and the sleeve length is perfect. If you’re into having things fit tightly against your figure, be sure to pay attention to the size chart. I easily could have gone with a medium, but find the large comfortable and relaxed. Thumbholes aren’t a deal breaker for me and I rarely use them but they’re there for those rare occasions.

    Icebreaker is coming out with a lot of great pieces that are sure to perform at the absolute top of the merino wool food chain. Quality and well thought out build have made me a huge fan. This stuff is durable to the touch but ensures all the amazing qualities of wool. While the price point is a little bit higher, the warranty, customer service, and quality makes it worth it.


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