Raekwon - Incarcerated Scarfaces


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Rich Mundo
Call me Viagra, cuz I let this dudes when to think the survivors, Im not Macgyver, Im flyer like a goose, Ay YO noose, put some of that Arab money on my probation officer, cuz my nerves is bad, we bastards who aint in search of the father, yall Maury's Kids and Im not the father, the dealer, or the killer, Yet I still got the guilty plea, legalese, naaw who moved my cheese, weak rat rap dudes gettin on my nerves, naaw Im not from Haiti so u could neva confuse me with Hatin, Drinkin Tahitian Treat, rippin up the Versaille Treaty, cuz these cats is greedy, I lost 4 Dogs in 2 years, So know Im searchin for replacements but my heart is forever locked away in the basement, it aint amzing, but yall gone need grace for this hazin, it aint funny when the immigrants start reading english. Much Love to real, nothing said, did, or thought about the Fake. Ghost, Rae, Power bring back the WU; Im a fan! Cuz the heat is on, cuz dudes sharkin to get on
By Rich Mundo7 years ago