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    Indiana woman cuts man's junk with box cutter

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    A Franklin Indiana woman was arrested on December 30th for allegedly using a box-cutter to slice her daughter's boyfriend's penis, believing he may have molested her 2 year old son.
    Bonita Lynn Vela and an acquaintance were doing drugs when she suddenly became enraged. Even though it was well past midnight, she orders her friend to bring her daughter's boyfriend to her.

    The man was brought before her and she tells him that she thinks he's been molesting her son. When the man denies the accusation, Vela then threatens to kill him unless she can scar his penis.

    She explains that by doing that, he'll be forced to remember in shame anytime he has sex. The man, fearing for his life, complies and drops his pants. Vela tried to stab him with a knife but didn't draw blood. She then switched to a box cutter.

    Vela said in a separate statement, that she had the box cutter in her hand, but the man knocked it out of her hand; she told police that's how the man's penis was cut. She says she never intended to hurt the victim, and was merely trying to scare him.

    Vela was taken to the Johnson County Jail on charges of criminal confinement with a deadly weapon and battery with a deadly weapon.
    Police said the investigation into the molestation claim is ongoing.


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