Nasty soldier ejaculates on female officer's toothbrush



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At an army camp in the Taipei neighborhood of Guandu, a male soldier surnamed Yang allegedly had a beef with one of his superiors, a female second lieutenant. Yang didn't like the work schedule she issued and had other problems with her management instead of addressing his problems in a mature day soon before he was to be discharged from the military, Yang sneaked into the second lieutenant's unlocked room at midnight and ejaculated on her toothbrush.

Like a true moron, Yang bragged about his nasty behavior to junior soldiers. The following day, the second lieutenant also detected an unpleasant smell on her toothbrush.

Lower-ranking soldiers reported Yang to military police and after questioning, this jerkward admitted that he did "relieve himself" on the second lieutenant's toothbrush.

Yang tried to brush it off as just a prank...going so far as to say he hoped to reconcile with the second lieutenant in person.

The second lieutenant, however, was not in a forgiving mood and pressed charges against this idiot.

Yang was subsequently convicted of trespassing and was sentenced to one year in prison.

The Army says they have arranged counseling for the victim and strengthened ethical education for all soldiers.

To her credit, the unfortunate second lieutenant refused to be transferred to another army camp and has remained at her post.


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