Menachem 'Max' Stark kidnapped and killed in Williamsburg, New York Post offensive headline



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On Thursday January 2nd, late at night, a local landlord named Menachem "Max" Stark was abducted by two men outside his office at 331 Rutledge St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. By Friday afternoon, workers at a Getty gas station in Great Neck, New York, noticed his smouldering remains in a dumpster. He is reported to have died of suffocation and his body had been partially burned in the dumpster.

The New York Post incited controversy when their Sunday paper's headline screamed "Slumlord found burned in dumpster. Who didn't want him dead?" in reference to Stark. The article quotes police and unnamed sources as calling Stark a loan shark with a long list of enemies. Indeed, he appears to have defaulted on loans worth tens of millions of dollars, failed to pay contractors, and allowed his properties to slide in to such disrepair as one was condemned and its tenants ordered to vacate.

Jewish groups are calling for a boycott of the New York Post, which described Stark as a "millionaire Hasidic slumlord". Two local politicians joined the call for the Post to retract its story, but the Post released a statement affirming its stance and avoiding any appology. Meanwhile, police are still searching for leads and have released CCTV footage of a white minivan driven by Stark's kidnappers.


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