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    Upstate New York Man found in Washington thanks to AP photographer's picture

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    A New York State man who went missing on New Year's Day has been reunited with his family after having his picture posted on the front page of USA TODAY by chance.

    AP photographer Jaquelyn Martin was on assignment in Washington DC taking cold-weather related photos, when she happened upon Nick Simmons who she thought was homeless.

    She snaps his picture and it hits the newspapers the next day.

    Back in upstate New York, family members reading the paper phone Nicholas' mother to give her the news.

    Now there's a frenzy to get as many people on the job to find Nick as possible.

    She phoned the local police, who in turn called the Metro D.C. police to track Nick down.

    Meanwhile Nick's father and brother head to D.C. where local cops there found Nick and kept him warm until his family arrived.

    No one knows exactly why Simmons went missing on New Year's Day, or perhaps more perplexing, is how he wound up in Washington DC 384 miles away without bringing either a wallet, cell phone, nor any other belongings.

    What is apparent though are the odds. Of the 127 photos published on the AP wire that day, USA Today ran that photo, and someone connected to the family happened to be reading it.


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