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    Kim Jong-un's aunt, not seen in months, may be dead

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    A intelligence source from South Korea has revealed that Kim Jong-un's (김정은) aunt, Kim Kyong-hui (김경희) has died either from a heart attack or she has committed suicide after her husband, Jang Sung-taek (장성택), was executed.

    Kim Kyong-hui, the 68-year-old general is a key figure in the regime, and has also served as secretary for the party. She has not been seen in four months, since she last appeared at military exercises Sept. 10 of last year.

    The South Korean government now believes that she has either died from a heart attack or has committed suicide. Experts speculate the stress brought on by her husband's execution may have led her to commit suicide. Others say she could be traveling abroad to treat a heart condition.

    There is concern that if Kim Kyong-hui is, in fact, dead, this may create further instability in North Korea. January 8 marks Kim Jong-Un's 31st birthday, and everyone is curious to see whether Kim Kyong-hui will make an appearance at celebrations marking the occasion.


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