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    Taiwanese family man kidnaps, binds and rapes two women in 24 hours

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    A 35-year-old Taiwanese man, Yu Zong Ying (余宗穎), from Yunlin County, allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted two women over the weekend. He blamed his crimes on stress saying that he was desperate and heart-broken after his wife caught him using drugs and threatened to leave him with their daughter. He sought revenge by kidnapping and raping two women within 24 hours. He first randomly targeted an 18-year-old high school girl who was working out at a park on Saturday night. She was forced into the trunk of his car and driven to a nearby motel where he drugged and coerced her into sex. According to the police, Yu used the same tactic the next day when he attacked a 23-year-old kindergarten teacher who riding a motorcycle on her way home.

    The teacher, however, found a receipt from a convenience store in the suspect's jacket while she was stuck in the trunk of Yu's car. This later played an important role in helping police track down Yu. Police traced him to the area where the convenience store was located and found Yu using drugs in another motel after going through surveillance camera footage from local businesses. He was detained on charges of violation against sexual autonomy. His friends, however, defended him, saying that Yu loves his family, and often posts pictures of them on social networks.


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