Classic Game Room - QUAKE III ARENA review for Sega Dreamcast

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Quake III Arena review!
More than 30 characters and loads of amazing maps make Quake III Arena the best first person shooter on the Sega Dreamcast by a mile. You MUST have the mouse and keyboard to play it properly though. Best enjoyed with friends for 1-4 player local multiplayer! Quake 3 Arena video review shows Quake III Arena gameplay from Sega Dreamcast!


quake live. that is all
By raikoh05 April
I do have this game for my Dreamcast! Sadly I don't have the mouse and keyboard for it. And yes, you cannot play this game with the controller, I spend some time defining the keys but no luck. I'd like to hear your opinion on Unreal Tournament and Soldier of Fortune on the Dreamcast.
By Squall85 April
says quake 4 in the title of video
By thebaconfromhell April
i got this on release day, i was so happy to have one of my fave pc games at the time on a console.
i didn't mind a joypad realy, took a bit of getting used to though
By UltraViolet April
I bet the Dreamcast could handle Gran Turismo 3 and 4 if they were ported to it. The Dreamcast had a lot of potential but Sega was going broke from it.
By Bhowser51 April