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    Himesh Reshammiya's Next Is A Copy Of The Great Gatsby !

    Moviez Adda

    by Moviez Adda

    When we first watched the trailer of Himesh Reshammiya's next, 'The Xpose', it left us with a niggling feeling of deja vu and our suspicions were confirmed when we dug up a poster of Leonardo DiCaprio's 2013 magnum opus 'The Great Gatsby'. Wondering what have we found out?
    Well, the Xpose poster is strikingly similar to the Gatsby one, what with Himesh dressed in a tux like Leo and Zoya Afroz posing like Isla Fisher. The other characters are also standing against a black and gold background.
    What's more? Scenes from 'The Xpose' trailer also seem to have a Gatsby hangover. Well, in such cases industrywallas like to use the word 'inspired' but we think the makers of Himesh's film have blatantly lifted the idea from their Hollywood counterpart. Let's hope the makers haven't copied entire film, as that would be a big disaster.
    All we can say is -- the aam jaanta knows the definition of inspiration and imitation very well, hai na?