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    Numbers and Money Follow, They Do Not Lead



    Numbers and Money Follow, They Do Not Lead
    Great Place to Work® - Hyatt Regency New Orleans
    Quicken Loans
    Bill Emerson, CEO
    Numbers and money follow, they do not lead. That is one of 19 simple sayings Quicken Loans team members live by every day - and it's true. Spreadsheets can tell you numbers and formulas, but are useless when looking at the real human impact. The most important things, like innovation, creativity and a passion for client service can't be measured. So why do companies get so caught up on projections and complex data analysis, when what really matters are the people who make up their business? At Detroit-based Quicken Loans, America's largest online mortgage lender, they ask themselves one simple question - "How do we positively impact the outcome?" And that doesn't have to be the impact on the bottom line. You'd be surprised how asking one simple question can transform your business, your team members' morale and how they serve your clients.