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    by BalconyTV

    WILLIAM MUST HUNT performs the song "TWO BEST FRIENDS" for BalconyTV.
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    I was born in Estonia, in a little village, in the heart of the country. From what I've heard, during the 80s, it was the place to be. Lots of young families with kids, a bright future ahead of em. I remember the Soviet times, golden candy wrappers, Prima cigarettes, ripe water melons and my dad smoking on the balcony. Life was all about breaking into abandoned houses, shooting bows on fields full of cow dung. Summers were everlasting. Days felt like weeks. Eating, drinking and sleeping were but chores. Everything seemed far and larger than life.
    My grandfather was a singer. His knee got shot to smithereens during the second world war, but that never stopped him from going to the seniors choir every weekend. He would climb on his, welded together bicycle, and make his way to the local community hall.
    I must have been 8 when he got a visa to go to Finland. On his return he bought back a bag full of Jenkki chewing gums and a fat finnish man. This was the first time I saw someone who did not speak Estonian. He was the hungriest man I had ever seen, all he did was sit there, in the kitchen, suck on Malbroughs, eat and sing. Until one day he disappeared. Sometimes he and my grandfather would drink self brewed vodka - read poetry.
    I don't remember exactly how old I was when I told my mother that I want to go to the music school. Perhaps in the second grade, maybe later. I saw this long haired drummer on some sort of a television show. So i grew my hair long and started playing drums.
    I survived my alcoholic teacher for five years. He was one of those people, a parent would never let near their kids, not to mention, teach them. However, since i was a free ranged kid, I could come and go when ever I wanted. Having that responsibility I made myself stick around. After nearly six years in music school, I was utterly tired of it. I only came back to music in the university. A friend of mine gave me a flyer to a music shop opening. I borrowed some money from my mother and bought the cheapest guitar they had. A blue instrument, made of Chinese plywood. From there on, it was a part of me.
    I hope it is not to late.

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