Classic Game Room - D2 review for Sega Dreamcast

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D2 review.
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Creepy and ambitious, D2 is survival horror on the Sega Dreamcast that uses every bit of power that the system has. Laura wakes up in a cabin after a plane crash surrounded by mutants. Shoot, explore and unravel the mystery because it's D2 time on DC!


Possibly one of the most illogical, boring, stupid games I've ever played. The "Deadly premonition" kind.
Most of the time, it even exceeds the "so bad it's good" cycle.
By Baltros last year
Great game.. Damn I miss my sega dreamcast!!!
By amzigzag last year
Way back in the mid 90s this was supposed to be the launch title for the canceled M2 upgrade for the ill-fated 3DO system.
By megacide84 last year
If you played this game right before you went to bed, I bet you'd have really strange dreams!
By Bhowser51 last year
According to Wikipedia, the Sega lost $412,000,000 from the Dreamcast, that's pretty bad!
By Bhowser51 last year
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