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    Drug dealer arrested while taking a leak

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    A fierce gun battle took place last night in Shezi, Taipei when local police tried to capture a drug dealer while he was urinating in a parking lot. The 49-year-old suspect, Lin Jin-Cheng (林進成), was carrying drugs including heroin and MDMA, along with several weapons and ammunition. Police have been following him since November, as he is believed to have been involved in several crimes. Last night, he was spotted with his wife in Shilin District when three armed agents ambushed him while he was taking a leak in the parking lot where he parked his vehicle.

    Lin was left no time to zip up his pants, but he quickly reacted by pulling out two guns. He opened fired at the police, but was shot in his right palm and left thigh. When the police caught up with him after they thought he was out of bullets, he surprised them by firing a third gun.

    He was eventually subdued after being shot four times.


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