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    Three Singaporean Lamborghinis caught fire after crash in Malaysia

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    Originally published on December 6, 2013

    Three Lamborghinis registered in Singapore burst into flames after a crash in Malaysia on Friday morning.

    The convoy, which consisted of one Aventador and two Gallardos, was headed to Kuala Lumpur on a charity drive. Two other cars were also part of the convoy.

    Local media reports indicate a local driver swerved toward the cars. The black Aventador lost control and rammed into the steel barrier, while an orange Gallardo rear-ended a green Gallardo.

    The black Aventador caught fire, and flames spread to the other two cars. All three Lamborghinis were destroyed.

    The Malay Mail reports that all drivers managed to escape uninjured from the cars.

    According to the National News Agency of Malaysia, two fire engines and 12 firefighters arrived at the scene minutes after the crash. The accident led to a massive traffic jam along the highway.

    According to, the cost of an Aventador ranges from USD$397,500 to $441,600, while a Gallardo costs anywhere from USD$$181,900 to $256,300.


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