Amazing pursuits with Kirby Chambliss vs Cops - Red Bull Air Race

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Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and even the infamous Bonnie and Clyde - What do they all have in common? They were all pulled-over in Texas. But they were all missing a key ingredient in their getaway plans - speed. This is one thing that pilot Kirby Chambliss is definitely not lacking. The Red Bull Air Race World Championship returns in 2014 with its first-ever stop to the Lone Star State, and two-time champion Chambliss took to his native Texas skies to celebrate. Unfortunately, his speed of more than 230 mph raised more than a few eyebrows - like a police helicopter, for instance. Watch as Chambliss buzzes by the Texas Star at Fair Park, chicanes around trees in the Trinity River Bend and passes the heli-cop on the way to Fort Worth, landing at Texas Motor Speedway. We're guessing Bonnie and Clyde couldn't find an engine quite like the one in Chambliss' Zivko Edge 540 aerobatic plane. They just may have gotten away if they did.

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