LORE – Oregon Trail Lore in a Minute!


by lore

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Brutalmoose is here with your Oregon Trail Lore! http://bit.ly/MoarLore
Voiced by Brutalmoose:
Animated by Jeremey:

Written by Mylo


When you were a child living in Independence, Missouri during the 1820's, your Uncle Gus set out to blaze a trail to the West... naked. And off he went, never to be seen again... until 15 years later, he came to you as a ghost, urging you to follow his trail west.

So with your family, your savings, and the ghost of Uncle Gus, you journey to the new frontier as leader of the wagon train. But as the months wear on, morale begins to plummet. You stock hundreds of pounds of rodent meat, trade all your valuables for ammunition and candy, and most importantly, never stop to bury your dead - you're dumbfounded. Now Uncle Gus says the rest of the wagon families are plotting to leave you behind, but they don't know what's good for them.

To save them from themselves, it's up to you to go hunting six times a day, feed your party rotten meat, ford the river when it's 13 feet deep, and treat wounds by totally ignoring it... because who dies from a broken leg, anyway?

But as your Uncle Gus would say, "it's all worth it when you're on The Oregon Trail."


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