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    Mars' Five Core Value Principles



    Mars' Five Core Value Principles
    Great Place to Work® - Hyatt Regency New Orleans
    Mars, Incorporated
    Victoria B. Mars, Member, Board of Directors
    Mars is a diverse, successful, global business that employs more than 72,000 Associates in 74 countries, and produces and markets some of the world's most iconic brands. Four generations of visible and active family leadership have built a culture rooted in Five Principles-- Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom. Associates at Mars understand the importance of consistently abiding by the Principles and how everyone benefits from being part of a principles-led business. The fact that Associates embed the Principles into every action and decision they make is at the core of Mars' success.

    In her keynote address, Victoria Mars will share her own beliefs on how all Associates have a better chance of thriving when they feel respected, needed and appreciated. She will also provide insight into how Mars engages with its Associates through a culture of mutual respect empowering them to take responsibility for making a difference in both their own working environment and the communities in which they live. It is Victoria's belief that you can combine this more egalitarian culture with the sense of responsibility and passionate spirit that has underscored Mars' success.