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    THE FAMOUS FIVE 3 | TIFF Kids 2014


    by tiff

    Our favourite crime-foiling quintet tries to beat a gang of crooks to a long-lost pirate treasure in this heart-pounding new adventure.

    Our favourite crime-foiling quintet is at it again in this heart-pounding new adventure! The Famous Five — Julian, Dick, Anne, George, and their dog Timmy — are on vacation in a small seaside village, but relaxation goes out the window when they recover a mysterious locket from an old shipwreck. Their new friend, a local girl named Joe, quickly recognizes the locket as a compass that can lead them to the buried treasure of legendary pirate One-Armed Ted. Seeking to save her village from being taken over by hotel developers, Joe joins the gang as they set off into the perilous jungle in search of the treasure — but their mission goes awry when Julian falls ill and a gang of local crooks get wind of their discovery and starts to close in. Will the bold band be able to reach the booty in time?