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    DC Apartment Complex Is Offering Communal Dog to Attract Tenants

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    The minds behind a new housing development in Washington D.C. are offering a communal puppy to occupants.

    How do you attract desired tenants to luxury properties? That’s a question many developers face to set their projects apart from competitors.

    The minds behind a new development in Washington D.C. have come up with a radical approach – they’re offering the company of an absolutely adorable puppy to occupants.

    The perfectly wrinkled pup is a female miniature English bulldog named Emmy. The firm owning the building, WC Smith, is promoting the pooch on Instagram.

    In the photos, she’s depicted taking part in all the stuff typical pups do like chewing on sticks, hanging out with her paw in a bag of Chex Mix, and sleeping, often with her teeth or tongue sticking out.

    No matter what Emmy’s doing, it's undeniable that she’s insanely cute, and it’s hoped potential tenants are going to go crazy over her. The housing project is simply called 2M Apartments and it’s located in D.C.’s NoMa neighborhood.

    With typical luxury amenities like a rooftop patio, pool, dog park, and a theater room, Emmy is serving as the standout feature. Residents can take her for a walk and visit with her, although it is not clear who will actually be responsible for Emmy’s care.

    They pick her up from the lobby and take her back to their apartment or for a walk.