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    Study Connects Excessive Running and Shorter Life Spans

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    When it comes to running habits, it’s good to be average.

    When it comes to running habits, it’s good to be average.

    Recent research has linked too many times around the track with shorter life spans.

    The reasons why are unknown, and adding to the mystery is the finding that people who are high mileage runners have longevity issues much like those who don’t exercise at all.

    When the data for the study was compiled, information on a variety of health-influencing behaviors and conditions was also gathered.

    Participants were asked about painkiller use, high blood pressure, diabetes, and family health history, particularly as it pertained to chronic illness.

    Not one of those factors appeared to have any influence on the correlations between running and the length of one’s lifetime.

    The study’s leader doesn’t suggest that people who run should stop, but does advise that moderation is a good idea.

    Rather than running daily, those wanting to get some exercise may want to cut their routine to a few days a week.

    Not only is that amount more beneficial to the goal of living a long, healthy life, it cuts down on wear and tear to joints and muscles.