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    Variable Conditions Call for Variable Lenses: The Boreas Goggle by Optic Nerve [Review]


    by jlukasavige

    A few weeks ago, Justin featured a video on the ease of changing lenses in goggles (so long as they are designed to do so), encouraging our viewers to buy goggles that have the capability of lens changes instead of having multiple pairs of goggles. It just makes sense. Optic Nerve has designed the Boreas Goggle for that very reason.

    The Boreas goggle is durable, easy to change, and affordable. The nice thing about Optic Nerve’s interchangeable system is that the goggles actually come with an extra lens. While they have many different lens shades and colors to choose from, they are sure to send with the goggle a lens for sunny days and one for cloudy days. So just by buying the goggles, you know you will be covered for the basic days out on the slopes. Let’s be honest, it absolutely sucks to ski or snowboard when you can’t see what is in front of you.

    The lens technology that Optic Nerve is implementing is not only a spherical design for improved peripheral vision, but they are putting the “mirror” film between the two lens layers. Most of you have probably seen mirrored lenses with scratches present. Well now, with the sandwiched mirror, getting a little too close to a tree branch or the lunch table won’t mark up your goggles. They’ll be looking new and clean even after years of use.

    The 100% UV protection is a bonus feature and an absolute must when you’re out in the bright snow and bright sun. These goggles are affordable and will save you hassle and space. The lenses are easy to change (see adventurerig’s how to) so you’ll be sure to using the right lens for the light you’re riding in.


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