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    Chinese gamers scammed by in-game 'prostitution' and 'bamboozlement'

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    There's a gaming scam that sounds a lot like in-game prostitution in China...

    We're not talking Grand Theft Auto though, nor is sex IRL actually happening... But it's still kinda weird.

    In MMORPGs there are three ways to earn items in these online games. Play for hours, days, weeks even... Or you can gift items from another player.

    But the easy way is to pretend to be a girl and try to glomp on to some poor otaku's heartstrings and pander your way to riches, which is appaerently a common scam in The Middle Kingdom.

    Those in-game items are valuable in the real world too! People will pay a lot of money for something that takes 50+ hours of gaming to earn apparently.

    So what if you want to chat online to confirm your "online-gamer-girl" is as hot as her avatar? Well the "game pimps" have that covered, and will team up with a hot looking girl to hook the unsuspecting gamers into an online relationship thinking they've got a chance... Only to be milked out of your virtual loot by your virtual "girlfriend/pimp"...

    I guess the bright side is, you've still got your real life and money... Maybe?


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