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    First death from police shooting in Iceland

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    Originally published on December 3, 2013

    The first death from a police operation in Iceland took place east of the capital of Reykjavik on Monday (December 2). A 59-year-old man was firing shots from a shotgun in his apartment early in the morning, prompting police to arrive and evacuate the building.

    Authorities tried to contact the gunman, but were forced to fire tear gas canisters through the windows into his apartment when he did not respond. Between 15 and 20 officers took part in the operation, with special forces providing back-up.

    When officials entered the apartment, the gunman fired shots, prompting them to return fire. Two special forces members were injured, one in the face and the other in the hand. The gunman was also hit and was sent to hospital, where he was pronounced dead at around 10:00 a.m.

    Iceland state prosecutor will investigate the case.


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