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    Bulletproof Mahindra Scorpio Available In India !

    Indian Drives

    by Indian Drives

    Mahindra Scorpio - the most rugged SUV of India has got "bulletproof" with an aftermarket kit costing Rs 12.66 lakh (twelve point sixty six lakh). The kit is made to order, and protects its buyers form a 9mm pistol shot. It comes inclusive of bullet proof body panels, bullet proof glasses, anti explosion material kit for fuel tank and a vehicle tracking device. Though, the 2 years warranty is also added to the whole package like an icing on the cake.
    We are drooling, what Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood the Aamir Khan has to say about this - who just bought the Mercedes-Bens S500 with bulletproof kit for Rs 10 crore. Any guesses?