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    Kate Upton reveals she copes easily with crazy male fans


    by heatworld

    Before we rabbit on, can we just take a minute to say how amazing Kate Upton looked tonight at The Other Woman premiere? She wore Louboutins (obvs) and a William's Vintage frock, which emphasised those boobs to perfection. We nabbed her for a quick chat about her film's character Amber, how scary Nicki Minaj really is and how she keeps those crazy male fans at bay:
    "I don't look at my character as a dumb blonde, I think of her as just young and naive. All young girls are naive in their experiences and their lives and they might not know everything. I think it's funny when people act dumb too. Nicki Minaj was fantastic to work with. She's such a great person and really funny and prepared. It was a pleasure to have her on set with us. She wasn't scary at all, she was beautiful. With regards to crazy male fans, I love all my fans and even if something gets a little bit out of control I feel like I can handle myself."
    Don't get any ideas, lads...
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