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    Millennial Entrepreneurs: Plug In, Drop Out, Start Up



    Millennial Entrepreneurs: Plug In, Drop Out, Start Up
    National Journal - The University of Texas at Austin,
    Millennials are on track to be the most educated, the most connected, and the most wired generation, with a bent for entrepreneurship and service. Evidence shows that Millennials may represent the tipping point generation in America, whose preferences and priorities are setting the direction for public and private life over the decades ahead. They are, by far, the most diverse generation in American history, with non-whites comprising about 40 percent. Austin, Texas has become a hub for Millennials and millennial entrepreneurs; the city's open and collaborative business climate has turned it into a unique entrepreneurship incubator.

    Join National Journal and The Atlantic for the second in a series of town hall events as we go to the heart of Austin to examine the opportunities, inclinations and impact of this giant influential generation. This exciting event will focus on how Millennials are using entrepreneurship to build a pathway to success, and will feature insights from Millennials, government officials, educators, entrepreneurs, and more.