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    Dr Bulls Patented Bullshit Repellent by David Bonsall at World Of Magic

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    PropDog understand the need for comedy in every performance, especially for the working pros.

    So we've come up with a great gag and heckler stopper idea - Dr Bull's Patented Bullshit Repellent!...helps cure chronic bullshitting!'

    So when that time comes, simple pull it out of your pocket, give it a spray in the direction of the target and savour the laughs!

    We've kept the size as small as possible, as we understand the need for pocket management.

    We recommend that the spray is filled with harmless Ironing Water, it has a sweet scent. Ironing water is used to fill up Irons instead of tap water and used to make your clothes smell better, so this won't do any damage to anyone's clothes and is completely non-toxic and anti-allergenic. It is also very cheap. Regular water as an alternative is fine.

    Note: For shipping reasons, each bottle only contains the very smallest amount of liquid.

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