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    Japanese student developed a way to make objects float in 3D space


    by PressTV

    Levitation or the dream to fly has always occupied human mind, and it could just come true in the future. A graduate student in Japan has developed a way of making objects float through sound, or more specifically, ultrasound.

    Although ultrasound levitation has been possible for nearly 40 years, Ochiai and his team claim it has never been done in a 3-D space. As you can see in the video, an installation is used to transport small white particles up, down and sideways, as if attached to a moving invisible net. The device consists of four boards facing inwards, each equipped with multiple speakers. When the wave frequency cranks up, ultrasound standing waves suspend the lightweight objects in mid-air. And when the ultrasound is manipulated with a computer, the suspended objects move as if by magic. Ochiai also believes that this technology could be used in space, an environment not subject to gravity, and where ultrasound could be used to move heavier objects - even people - around.